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Articles on Heat Rate

Aug 1, 2017

Managing Condensate Storage & Overflow

When it comes to commercial power generation, cogeneration (combined heat and power) or operating packaged boilers for process steam production, the recovery and storage of condensate plays an important role in overall operational cost and efficiency.
Condensate and make-up water storage tanks
Jul 25, 2017

Level Measurement for Your Hotwell

The hotwell is an important part of the turbine cycle and plays a role in determining the overall operating cost of a power plant as well as its ability to respond to fluctuations in electricity demand. It serves as a water reservoir for steam condensate coming from the condenser – a valuable resource when considering the cost associated with the treatment of make-up water.
A comprehensive hotwell level solution incorporating a modular instrumentation bridle on a single set of process connections with redundant level controls and high/low level alarming
Jan 31, 2017

Driving Down Fuel Costs With Feedwater Heater Level Control

For most power plants, 70 to 80% of their production costs are fuel expenses. Hence, any improvement in fuel efficiency can have a significant impact on a plant’s profitability. 
Sep 8, 2015

Level Applications for the Steam Loop Process

The steam loop is the process by which useable steam is created for its various industry applications. Level instrumentation impacts virtually every aspect of the steam loop in order to ensure greater efficiency, safety and accuracy.
Fire Tube Boiler
Sep 1, 2015

Level Instrumentation for Steam Generation Process Applications

Steam is today’s utility player in the industrial energy arena. It cleans and sterilizes, dries and concentrates, separates and evaporates. In cookery, it preserves flavor, texture, and retains nutrients.
Aug 18, 2015

Guided Wave Radar Instrumentation in Steam Drum and Feedwater Heater Applications

With the addition of non-conventional, renewable generation to the energy mix, many operators have questions and concerns about level technology and how it can improve the efficiency of their power plants.