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A Lower-Cost Radar Level Transmitter Monitors Tough Applications

Radar technology is preferred by many in the process industry for its reliability and accuracy, but the high cost of a radar level transmitter is often prohibitive. Ultrasonic technology is a lower-cost level control device and frequently used instead of radar, but its inconsistency in more difficult applications can lead to false readings. In order to make radar technology more affordable, Magnetrol® has developed the Model R82, a non-contact radar level transmitter with a price comparable to ultrasonic technology.

The R82 uses pulse burst technology to measure liquid level and volume in enclosed vessels. Short bursts of 26 GHz microwave energy are emitted and reflected off the level surface. This technology combines with advanced signal processing to manage common disturbances, such as false echoes caused by obstructions, multi-path reflections from tank sidewalls and turbulence caused by agitators, aggressive chemicals or aerators. Reducing the impact of these disturbances leads to a more accurate and reliable reading.

Difficult atmospheric conditions create a level measurement challenge for process engineers, since disturbances from the environment can result in an inaccurate measurement reading. Ultrasonic technology frequently is unable to deal with these measurement challenges. The R82 radar level transmitter is virtually unaffected by mist, fog, condensation, turbulence and most foams.

The R82 radar transmitter can replace ultrasonic units in many applications that cause difficulty for that measurement technology:

  • Water and wastewater tanks and sumps
  • Liquids, slurries and viscous media
  • General chemical storage
  • Day, batch and feed tanks
  • Food and beverage vessels
More Information
MAGNETROL has produced a video about R82 non-contact technology, applications and performance. To learn more about the R82 radar level transmitter, including stories of how R82 units have performed in specific applications, view the R82 video or visit our R82 product page.