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Компания Magnetrol имеет богатую традицию – ориентироваться на клиента, на семейные ценности. Поэтому блог - идеальный формат для взаимодействия наших специалистов с обширными знаниями в области применения технологии измерения уровня и расхода с заинтересованными людьми. Читатели получат не только ценный контент, который является актуальным и существенным, но они также получат опыт, который делает компанию Magnetrol уникальной по сравнению с ее конкурентами.

Latest blog

Nov 13, 2018

Emulsion Layer Level Measurement for Increased Process Optimization

Optimizing oil & gas and petrochemical processes while increasing uptime is a challenging task, especially when the application involves an emulsion layer. Learn how better level instrumentation can help.
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emulsion layer
Nov 6, 2018

A Magnetrol® Website Redesign Driven by Customer Needs

Magnetrol® recently completed a website redesign to make our site more user-friendly and customer-centric. Learn more.
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website redesign
Oct 30, 2018

Magnetrol® Plant Receives BREEAM® Certificate for Environmental Sustainability

A Magnetrol® office in Belgium received recognition for the environmental sustainability of its production and office facilities expansion. Learn more in this blog post.
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environmental sustainability
Oct 23, 2018

Current Technology Trends for Interface Level Measurement

What interface level measurement technology are operators choosing today? This blog post explores what technologies are most common and why operators choose them.
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interface level measurement
Oct 23, 2018

Visit Magnetrol® at ADIPEC 2018

Magnetrol® will be at ADIPEC 2018 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from November 12-15, 2018. Visit us at Stand #11550 to learn more about our innovative solutions for your toughest level measurement challenges. 
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Oct 16, 2018

The Challenges of Accurate Interface Measurement

Interface measurement is essential to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. It’s also notoriously difficult to do accurately. Learn more...
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interface measurement
Oct 9, 2018

Every Level Measurement Matters: A Message from Magnetrol®

Magnetrol® understands all the ways that level measurement matters to your business. That’s the focus of our new business and our new brand. Learn more about our new direction.
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level matters
Oct 2, 2018

Level Measurement Solutions for Finished Refinery Product Storage

At the end of the petroleum refining process, finished refinery products are stored in tanks. Learn more about level measurement solutions for this product storage in our blog post.
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refinery products