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10 May, 2016

A Lower-Cost Radar Level Transmitter Monitors Tough Applications

Radar technology is preferred by many in the process industry for its reliability and accuracy, but the high cost of a radar level transmitter is often prohibitive.
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The Model R82 radar transmitter
26 Apr, 2016

Determining The Right Radar Level Measurement Device for Your Application

In a recent article for Industrial Products Process and Technology Magazine (IPP&T), Magnetrol® Global Product Manager Bob Botwinski discusses how guided wave radar (GWR) and non-contact radar can work together to provide reliable level measurement.
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12 Apr, 2016

Solving Level Measurement Problems With Guided Wave Radar Technology

Guided wave radar technology (GWR) has emerged as a level measurement staple in many industries around the world. Since its introduction in the late 1990s, users of GWR have discovered that it has unique characteristics that make it well suited for difficult level control challenges
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overfill safe probes
29 Mar, 2016

Level and Flow Solutions for Liquid Gravity Separator Skids

Nearly any unit operation in the process industry can be fabricated as a self-contained, modular skid system. Modular fabrication has increasingly become a viable alternative to field construction for owner/operators, OEMs and plant engineers. This post discusses level and flow instrumentation for liquid gravity separator skids and is part of an occasional Magnetrol® blog series on modular skid systems.
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liquid separation skid
22 Mar, 2016

The Formidable Team of Guided Wave Radar and Non-Contact Radar

Radar technology has revolutionized level measurement in a variety of process industries since the introduction of 4-20mA loop powered, radar-based transmitters in the 1990s. Both guided wave radar (GWR) and non-contact radar have numerous advantages over older, more established level measurement technologies. 
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guided wave radar and non-contact radar instruments
8 Mar, 2016

Using Thermal Mass Flow Technology To Manage Energy In Water Treatment Plants

Energy management is a hot topic in the water and wastewater industry. Monitoring energy usage and keeping operations sustainable and responsible is a high priority for water treatment plant operators. 
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