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25 Jun, 2013

Liquid Level Sensing With Pulse Burst Radar (Non-Contact Radar) Technology

Process industry operations face questions of level instrumentation technology daily. Whether specifying liquid level controls for a greenfield facility or upgrading existing instrumentation for improved efficiencies in an existing plant, instrumentation and control managers must stay abreast of numerous technology options.
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pulse burst radar
11 Jun, 2013

Eclipse® Model 706: The Future of Guided Wave Radar Technology

Today, process industries require safe, effective level control for more extreme atmospheric conditions than ever before.
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eclipse video
28 May, 2013

Overfill Capable Guided Wave Radar Probes Can Ensure Safe and Accurate Level Detection

Approvals like the German Federal Water Act (WHG) obtained from TUV, or the Flemish Regulation on Environment (VLAREM), certify Overfill Proof Protection, defined as the tested, reliable operation when the transmitter is used as overfill alarm.
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2 Apr, 2013

Mass Flow Measurement in Large Pipes And Ducts: Assessing an Effective Mass Flow Technology Solution

The larger the diameter of a pipe, stack or duct, the greater the likelihood of significant flow velocity profile distortions
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energy management
19 Mar, 2013

Thermal Dispersion Flow Meter Technology – Principle of Operation and Calibration Verification

While there are many technologies to measure the flow rate of air and gas, most of these methods measure the flow rate at the actual operating pressure and temperature
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The Magnetrol Thermatel TA2 thermal dispersion mass flow meter
5 Mar, 2013

Technology Considerations for Measurement of In-Plant Natural Gas Consumption

The control of in-plant natural gas consumption has become a critical component of strategic energy management measures in process industries.
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