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18 Sep, 2019

Novo Adaptador Eclipse® Modelo 706 GWR na Solução de Problemas

Dois Radares de Ondas Guiadas Magnetrol Eclipse (GWR) Modelo 705s estavam medindo a interface em um dessalinizador em uma refinaria. A operação do nível da interface no dessalinizador é crítica em qualquer refinaria.
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15 Jan, 2019

Petrochemical Interface Applications

Quench settler interface level at petrochemical plants must be properly controlled in order to increase productivity. Learn how better instrumentation can improve interface measurement in ethylene plants.
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8 Jan, 2019

Improved Interface Measurement Monitors Low Dielectric Constant in Polyolefin Plant

A German polyolefin plant was having difficulties accurately measuring benzene due to its low dielectric constant. Learn how Magnetrol® helped this facility find better level technology to keep equipment safe.
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low dielectric constant
18 Dec, 2018

The Role of Interface Measurement in Preventing Loss of Primary Containment at a Petrochemical Facility

Read the story of how one oil & gas and petrochemical facility thwarted loss of primary containment through improved interface level measurement in this blog post. 
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loss of primary containment
27 Nov, 2018

Interface Level Measurement for Gravitational Separators

Gravitational separators are essential to preventing water from entering and damaging downstream equipment. Learn more about interface level measurement for separator boots in this blog post.
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20 Nov, 2018

Interface Level Measurement in an Upstream Saltwater Disposal Facility

Saltwater disposal facilities perform a crucial oil-water separation function, creating emulsion layers that can be difficult to measure. Read about interface level instrumentation solutions for these applications.  
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