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Level and Flow Measurement for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

In a world more focused than ever on safe, sustainable stewardship of our water resources, it is critical to continue to improve the ways in which we measure and treat potable water and wastewater. Increased public awareness drives the need for safe, accurate and reliable level and flow instrumentation, in the harshest environments, under the most extreme conditions. At the same time, the regulatory climate requires plants to implement next-generation process improvement – moving from energy efficiency to energy independence and realizing cost-savings in doing so. Innovations in level and flow control can help water and wastewater treatment plants manage energy usage and monitor applications more effectively.

AMETEK Magnetrol offers a wide range of instrumentation for water and wastewater applications, designed to monitor level, flow and volume at every step of the treatment process. Below are a few of the instruments that can help you better manage your treatment plant.

Pulse Burst Radar

The Model R82 pulse burst radar transmitter provides radar-reliable process measurement in challenging, vapor-saturated environments. It is inexpensive enough to be used in place of ultrasonic transmitters, making it a cost-effective choice.

In a water treatment plant, the R82 can provide continuous level measurement for:

  • lift station and coagulant feed tanks
  • settling tanks during clarification
  • polymer, filter, and lime slurry tanks during filtration
  • open atmospheric water reservoirs where control technology must withstand weather conditions

The R82 is also a reliable option for wastewater treatment plants, where it can:

  • control level at lift station pump, open channel flow and screening system
  • monitor feed tanks containing chemical coagulants, oxidants and phosphorus precipitations
  • measure splitter box and clarifier levels
  • control corrosion inhibitors
  • manage PH adjustment, mixed liquor and secondary clarifier levels
  • provide activated sludge and digester level control

Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meters

Flow measurement plays a vital role in efficiently managing water quality processes and regulatory reporting protocol. AMETEK Magnetrol produces the Thermatel® Model TA2 thermal dispersion mass flow meter to monitor these applications. The Thermatel TA2 offers outstanding accuracy and reliability, as well as the ability to maintain a strong signal at low flow rates and pressure over a wide operating flow range.

The Thermatel TA2 is ideal for wastewater operations due to its low flow sensitivity, wide temperature operation and high turndown capabilities. It can manage efficient blower airflow to optimize breakdown of waste and reduce blower costs. The Thermatel TA2 also offers exceptional safety and accuracy for digester gas flow measurement.

More Information

These are just a few of the options AMETEK Magnetrol offers for water and wastewater process instrumentation. For more information on level, flow and volume control for water and wastewater treatment plants, please visit