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The Comprehensive Magnetrol® Program for Unparalleled Global Customer Service

In today’s competitive world, the process industries are looking for ways to ensure that level and flow controls consistently perform at their peak, for as long as possible. Operators are subject to new safety and environmental regulations, handling increasingly complex applications, and looking for ways to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Magnetrol® offers its customers a hands-on, supportive global customer service program designed to help enhance the instrumentation user experience from start-up through the product’s life cycle. This Global Service Program, or GSP, is a comprehensive, advanced package that goes well beyond traditional technical support. And it’s available for all MAGNETROL customers.

Here are a few of the global customer service offerings available through the GSP:

  • Startup/commissioning. Setting up a new level instrument can be a difficult process. Even the best-engineered level and flow instrument must be configured and commissioned correctly to ensure optimal performance. That’s why many customers turn to the factory certified commissioning experts at Magnetrol for their setup needs. With their vast application knowledge, our service experts can help you optimize product performance in your specific application. This service is available worldwide, no matter how many or how few instruments are installed on the site.
  • Health check, validation, and troubleshooting. Our validation and health check services target highly-specialized, periodic safety and operational reviews mandated by specific industries, such as proof testing for Safety Instrumented Systems and verification of overfill protection controls. These checks ensure that your devices and applications are always in compliance. And when a sudden emergency arises or an instrument’s performance has notably changed, troubleshooting experts can be deployed around the globe with advanced diagnostic and configuration software to help you solve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Training. Detailed, technical training can be delivered to your engineering and technical staff at your site, a location of your choice, or at a MAGNETROL facility. At this interactive session, your team will learn technology insights, configuration, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. The training includes a hands-on workshop with real-world demo equipment.
  • Technical support. MAGNETROL is more than just a manufacturer and supplier. We want to be our customer’s first call when performance matters. To that end, we provide phone support on a dedicated service support line staffed by experts, as well as email-based support. And if you feel real-time group interaction is the best way to address a service concern, MAGNETROL can arrange an online meeting that opens up collaboration to multiple participants.
  • Repair services and extended warranty. The MAGNETROL repair services team is at your disposal, whether you believe your device is not working optimally or just want to have a functional check or a root-cause analysis of the device. In addition, we offer an extended warranty program that includes the same terms and conditions as our manufacturers’ warranty but in one-, two- or three-year term extensions.
  • Expertise. MAGNETROL qualified service representatives bring a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives to our customers. We maintain technical excellence through a rigorous, ongoing certification process. In addition, we deliver best-in-class service by utilizing the vast knowledge in our technical global database. This searchable database allows us to provide current, relevant expertise to our customers.

We’re proud to partner with many industries and companies around the world, and to provide this global customer service program to ensure the success of your instrumentation.