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A Magnetrol tem uma rica tradição de ser uma empresa voltada para o cliente e voltada para a família. Isso torna o blog o formato perfeito para nós da Magnetrol, com amplo conhecimento na aplicação de tecnologia de medição de nível e vazão, para conectar pessoas interessadas. Não apenas os leitores receberão conteúdo excelente que seja atual e relevante, mas também desfrutarão de uma experiência que torna a Magnetrol única a partir de seus concorrentes; nosso povo.

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25 Jan, 2023

Level Measurement Solutions for Compressor Scrubbers

Compressor scrubbers facilitate the removal of liquids and slugs from the gas pipeline. Learn more about level measurement solutions for scrubbers in this blog post.
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compressor scrubbers
18 Jan, 2023

Level Measurement Solutions for Compressor Lubrication Tanks

Lubrication ensures that natural gas compressors can operate smoothly and remain free of wear and tear. Learn more about level measurement solutions for compressor lubrication tanks.
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compressor lubrication
12 Jan, 2023

The Importance of Natural Gas Compression for Production and Distribution

Natural gas compression is an essential component of the gas production process. Learn more about the components of natural gas compression.
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natural gas compression
14 Dec, 2022

AMETEK Magnetrol Services Chemical Processing with Their Most Difficult Application Challenges

Level measurement plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of chemical processes, including liquid extraction, vapor/liquid separation, and mixing and blending.
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30 Nov, 2022

Using Thermal Mass Flow Meters For Biogas Measurement

At many industrial and municipal facilities, the production of biogas is a key part of operation, and biogas measurement is necessary to ensure facility efficiency and safety.
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Thermatel TA2 Mass Flow Transmitter
14 Nov, 2022

Level and Flow Measurement for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

In a world more focused than ever on safe, sustainable stewardship of our water resources, it is critical to continue to improve the ways in which we measure and treat potable water and wastewater.
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Pulsar R82
7 Nov, 2022

Level Solutions for Liquefied Gas Storage

Gases are frequently converted to a liquid in order to facilitate convenient storage. Many gases liquefy by cooling at normal atmospheric pressure, while others require pressurization as well. Industrial gases commonly stored in this fashion include liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquefied chlorine, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Liquefied gas plays a role in the ethylene industry as well. Feedstock to an ethylene plant’s fractionation towers contains a liquid cryogenic hydrocarbon mixture as a result of going through compression and refrigeration trains after the quench tower.
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A liquefied gas storage tank.
4 Nov, 2022

Driving Down Fuel Costs With Feedwater Heater Level Control

For most power plants, 70 to 80% of their production costs are fuel expenses. Hence, any improvement in fuel efficiency can have a significant impact on a plant’s profitability. 
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