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A Magnetrol tem uma rica tradição de ser uma empresa voltada para o cliente e voltada para a família. Isso torna o blog o formato perfeito para nós da Magnetrol, com amplo conhecimento na aplicação de tecnologia de medição de nível e vazão, para conectar pessoas interessadas. Não apenas os leitores receberão conteúdo excelente que seja atual e relevante, mas também desfrutarão de uma experiência que torna a Magnetrol única a partir de seus concorrentes; nosso povo.

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27 Apr, 2022

Petrochemical Interface Applications

Quench settler interface level at petrochemical plants must be properly controlled in order to increase productivity. Learn how better instrumentation can improve interface measurement in ethylene plants.
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petrochemical interface
6 Apr, 2022

Understanding Tank Bridle Level Measurement

A bridle is a vertical pipe connected to the side of a storage tank or process vessel, typically with side/side or side/bottom connections.
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Tank Bridle
25 Mar, 2022

Technologies for Liquid Interface Level Measurement

The need for interface level measurement arises whenever immiscible liquids–those incapable of mixing—reside within the same vessel. 
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9 Mar, 2022

Case Study: Magnetostrictive Technology Helps Refinery Measure Liquid-Liquid Interface

Magnetrol® helped a refinery in Germany find more accurate level measurement for a liquid-liquid interface. Read more about the solution they discovered.
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JM4 - Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter
3 Mar, 2022

The Challenges of Accurate Interface Measurement

Interface measurement is essential to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. It’s also notoriously difficult to do accurately. Learn more...
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interface measurement
23 Feb, 2022

Sight glass gauges - The hidden cost center

If your focus is to prevent any disruptions in production and throughput, you will typically run your plant to the point of failure and replace aging/problematic instrumentation technologies with like for like. 
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18 Feb, 2022

Chemical Storage Monitoring

On a recent visit to evaluate several level transmitters on chemical storage applications at a new combined cycle power plant, We had the opportunity to work with the EPC firm, plant personnel and the chemical supplier.
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Chemical Storage Tank
15 Feb, 2022

Advantages of the Magnetic Level Indicator

The magnetic level indicator is now widely used throughout process industries as an effective visual indicator (see our recent article on MLI technology and principle of operation for more information).
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MLI Advantages