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Gas mixtures flow

Besides air and single gases, such as O2, N2, H2, etc., there are many gas mixtures being measured and controlled on a daily basis in different industries. One of the most common ones is natural gas used as a fuel or even biogases from decomposition of waste and organic material.  There are also gases that are measured to control emissions or as part of environmental laws and restrictions.

  • NATURAL GAS: The cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas trails electricity as the second most used energy source in industry. Industrial demand accounts for 40 percent of total natural gas demand, the highest of any sector. With a multitude of industrial uses, natural gas is consumed primarily in pulp and paper; metals manufacture; power generation; petroleum refining; stone, clay and glass manufacture; chemicals production; plastic resin production; and food processing.
    Natural gas flow at a gas production plant is monitored to provide flow measurement from each individual well. The main custody transfer meter is positioned downstream from where the flow from individual lines is combined. See also liquified gases.
  • DÉBIT DE GAZ DE DIGESTEUR: Dans le processus de décomposition anaérobie, les matières organiques sont transformées en solides stables et en gaz énergétique, principalement du méthane (60 %) et du dioxyde de carbone (40 %). Hydrocarbure combustible précieux comme carburant, le méthane peut servir de combustible pour des échangeurs de chaleur internes à  l'unité, des moteurs de ventilateur ou d'autres systèmes; il est également possible de le vendre aux autres unités industrielles locales ou de le brûler.
    Une mesure de débit sûre et fiable est indispensable pour la collecte, l'élimination ou la réutilisation du gaz méthane. Etant donné que le méthane est hautement combustible, les appareils de mesure de débit doivent être homologués pour utilisation dans des endroits dangereux.
  • FLARE STACKS, EXHAUST & WASTE GAS FLOW: Industrial waste exhaust gases are present in a wide variety of compositions from benign to toxic. Measurement of the flow of these later gases is often required for reporting environmental emissions, including flared hydrocarbon gases. Off-gases are vapors emitted from extraction and treatment systems that are discharged directly to the atmosphere, captured or destroyed.
    Thermal dispersion flowmeters are ideal instruments for flare flow measurement due to low flow sensitivity and high turndown.  Consideration must be given to changes in gas composition, abruptness of flow change, low pressures, and a wide range of velocities.