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4 Feb, 2014

6 Key Features to Look for When Considering a Guided Wave Radar Technology Solution

All process industries today require the ability to safely and accurately measure level in critical applications. 
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storage tank
28 Jan, 2014

Factors to Consider When Assessing Safety Integrity Level

The occurrence of catastrophic overfill incidents in recent years has made improving safety a mission-critical requirement for all process industries.
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sil bulletin
21 Jan, 2014

The Role of Safety Instrumented Systems in Industrial Process Systems

Mitigating the risk of catastrophic overfill incidents in processes that contain materials that are flammable or toxic is a top priority for all process industries today.
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14 Jan, 2014

Safety Integrity Level (SIL): What You Need to Know About SIL to Protect Your People and Your Processes

In the wake of catastrophic incidents such as the Bhopal disaster in India, the BP explosion in Texas City, TX and the Buncefield Petrol Depot explosion in the UK, safety has become a top priority for industrial companies running critical processes that contain extreme temperatures and pressures, and flammable or toxic materials.
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cta - wide range of SIL-certified Products
7 Jan, 2014

NACE MRO175 Recommended Practice: Assuring Compliance in Sour Service Applications

Due to the hazardous nature of sour service applications, which contain hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) has issued a standard recommended practice that includes minimum requirements to resist sulfide stress cracking.
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30 Jul, 2013

Application Considerations When Specifying Ultrasonic Contact Technology for Liquid Level Sensing

Ultrasonic contact level measurement technology plays a key role in the safe and effective measurement of liquids across all process industries. To ensure that you implement an optimal solution for your facility, it’s important to learn about the different applications where an ultrasonic gap switch can be used – and the advantages and limitations of using this technology.
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