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A New Resource for Understanding Thermal Mass Flow Measurement

Thermal mass flow measurement is an essential part of ensuring the safety of flow applications in the process industry. Magnetrol® has collected its wealth of knowledge on the subject in a new portal, This site serves as the gateway for a comprehensive understanding of how thermal mass flow meters can be used as a flow measurement solution for your applications.

Finding information about flow control solutions is easier than ever on this flow portal, which includes an applications section covering everything from pump protection to compressed air systems. With information on how thermal mass flow meters can improve efficiency and safety, you can determine whether or not a thermal mass flow meter is right for your process application.

You can also find general information about thermal mass flow meters and how they function in the Technology section of the site.

White papers, case studies and special applications bulletins that explore flow meter functionality and usage can also be found on the site. Some of these downloadable resources include:

You can also watch a video demonstration that explains how to verify calibration of a thermal mass flow meter in the field. And if you have further questions about the applications and functionality of thermal mass flow meters, you can submit them to the “Ask the Expert” page.

Explore the site today and learn more about thermal mass flow measurement by visiting