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25 Mar, 2014

Power Plant Instrumentation Applications for Circulating Water Systems

A critical success factor for all power plants is the ability to accurately measure liquid levels throughout the circulating water system.
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18 Mar, 2014

The Importance of Application Level Controls for Steam Generation Systems in Coal-Fired Power Plants

Throughout the steam generation system of a coal-fired power plant, there are numerous opportunities to measure and improve process conditions. Using accurate, reliable level control instrumentation is a key way to improve the safety and efficiency of the entire steam generation process. 
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25 Feb, 2014

Advantages of Using Level and Flow Controls in Surge Tanks and Pump Protection Applications

The generation of hydroelectric power is a complex process, which involves a reservoir that stores water from a natural body of water, a penstock that allows water to flow from the reservoir to a turbine’s propeller and a power station that contains the power generating equipment.
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24 Sep, 2013

POWER Magazine Features Magnetrol® Article in August Issue

We’re pleased to announce that an article by Magnetrol® was featured in last month’s issue of POWERmagazine.
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Download the Heat Rate Reduction Kit
13 Aug, 2013

Q&A from Our Recent ‘Heat Rate Awareness’ Webinar

Magnetrol® recently sponsored an information-packed webinar, Heat Rate Awareness: Minimizing Controllable Losses Through Effective Feedwater Heater Level Control. 
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Webinar: Heat Rate Awareness
16 Apr, 2013

Heat Rate, Efficiency and Feedwater Heater Performance

With fuel accounting for as much as 80% of production costs, power companies are striving to improve reductions in heat rate, efficiency savings and other means of shaving costs from their bottom lines.
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Download the Heat Rate Reduction Kit