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Steam Drum - improved performance


Address limitations in flexible operation attributed to level control to improve performance metrics

• Unreliable control of normal water level (NWL) leads to inefficient separation of water and steam, resulting in carryover (hardware longevity)

• Excessive maintenance and/or calibration to achieve specified accuracy in a variety of environmental conditions (reliability)

• Wasted energy due to excessive blowdown to offset errors in steam drum level measurement (heat rate)

• Unreliable level indication during fast starts and cycling operations due to “shrink” and “swell” dynamics disrupting boiler circulation (availability and dispatch response)

• Steam leakage as well as maintenance costs associated with traditional sight gauges in continual operation


Magnetrol® technologies eliminate the variables in the steam drum level measurement equation to ensure your plant is available and responsive to fluctuations in market demand

• High degree of data certainty to better manage controllable losses: actual level measurement (versus inferred)

• Eliminate avenues for potential measurement errors: calibration, external corrections, process dynamics, ambient/ environmental conditions affecting technology performance

• Reduce instrumentation hardware complexity, calibration requirements and lifecycle maintenance costs

• Leverage generations of Magnetrol experience/expertise when managing level in aggressive steam applications

• Meet code requirements while reducing potential safety and maintenance concerns with traditional sight gauges


Improvement in key plant performance metrics and your plant’s bottom line

• Enhanced availability, dispatch response, heat rate and hardware longevity

• Significant reduction in lifecycle maintenance cost associated with more traditional steam drum level controls

• Reduced front end engineering and design costs while implementing a modern level solution

• Enhance safety while meeting ASME BPVC requirements by eliminating unnecessary costs associated with sight gauge repairs (kits, shop time, downtime, etc.)