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A low-energy pulse, generated by the JUPITER electronics, travels the length of the magnetostrictive wire. A return signal is generated from the precise location where the magnetic field of a float intersects the wire. A timer precisely measures the elapsed time between the generation of the pulse and the return of the acoustic signal.  Each cycle occurs ten times per second, providing real-time and highly accurate level data.

The Jupiter® magnetostrictive level transmitter provides a 4-20 mA output, proportional to the level being measured. JUPITER models are designed to attach quickly and easily, via standard clamps, to Atlas® and Gemini® magnetic level indicators or can be directly inserted into a wide variety of process vessels.

Packaged in an ergonomic dual compartment enclosure, the unit offers many features not found in typical magnetostrictive transmitter units today. The dual compartment design allows for separation of wiring and electronics and helps facilitate simple, easy installation and set-up for both top and bottom mount versions.

With the introduction of our the Jupiter® Model JM4, improved performance, reliability, and ease-of-use, have become the result of many years of development.  Explore the JM4 to find out why it is the most advanced magnetostrictive level transmitter globally available today.

Jupiter JM4
Jupiter JM4