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Genesis™ Multiphase Detector

TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) uses pulses of electromagnetic energy to measure distances or levels. When a pulse reaches a dielectric discontinuity (created by the surface of a process medium), part of the energy is reflected. The larger the dielectric discontinuity, the larger the amplitude of the reflection.

The Genesis™ Models ED1 & ED2 Multiphase Detectors are based upon the technology of TDR. The detector utilizes pulses of electromagnetic energy transmitted along a wave guide (probe).

With both Top-Down and Bottom-Up signals generated along the length of the probe, sophisticated algorithms within the firmware interpret the resulting waveforms to provide four (4) independent analog outputs that can be tied to any of the four levels:

  • Vapor phase (based on tank dimensions)
  • Total level (e.g., hydrocarbon liquid)
  • Top of emulsion layer
  • Bottom of emulsion layer (e.g., water level)
  • Sediment