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Condensate and Waste Heat Recovery


Realizing the financial expectations of your condensate and waste heat recovery system investment:

• Implementing advanced technology level solutions with minimal work force training

• Managing real-time operational situations with a high degree of data certainty: confidence in level indication

• Eliminating potential, hidden maintenance costs associated with a level technologies vulnerabilities to process dynamics and subsequent damage to expensive hardware

• Managing the consumption of natural resources and associated costs to include water, water treatment and discharge, fuel and chemicals.

• Identifying the variables in the “level measurement equation” that contribute to a technologies’ total lifecycle cost

• Translating system performance to optimize boiler performance and utilization


Leverage generations of Magnetrol experience and expertise to optimize overall system performance using advanced level technologies strategically placed throughout the system

• Improve heat exchanger/condenser performance (energy transfer) by eliminating variables associated with an existing level technologies’ performance on aggressive steam applications

• Better management of flash/receiver and blow down tank capacity to maximize recovery of available energy in condensate in the form of flash steam

• Prevent direct exposure of pumps & pump seals to high temperature steam resulting from poor level control on receiver/flash tanks

• Eliminate avenues for potential level measurement errors and reduce periodic maintenance inspection (PMI) intervals: calibration, external corrections, process dynamics, ambient conditions and hardware complexity

• Better manage condensate inventory to ensure sufficient supply to meet steam generation demands


Meet or exceed the return-on-investment (ROI) expectations in months, not years

• Reduced environmental footprint through improved resource management (water, chemicals & fuel)

• Lower operational costs by better managing controllable losses: optimized waste heat recovery through enhanced heat exchanger/condenser performance

• Extended hardware longevity (pumps & pump seals) by leveraging the inherent advantages of advanced level technologies and low cost, redundant protective measures

• Lower installation, commissioning and lifecycle (periodic maintenance requirements) costs

• Minimize production downtime due to issues associated with more traditional type level controls