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Mar 22, 2016

The Formidable Team of Guided Wave Radar and Non-Contact Radar

Radar technology has revolutionized level measurement in a variety of process industries since the introduction of 4-20mA loop powered, radar-based transmitters in the 1990s. Both guided wave radar (GWR) and non-contact radar have numerous advantages over older, more established level measurement technologies. 
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guided wave radar and non-contact radar instruments
Mar 1, 2016

Key Questions Answered About Energy Management Solutions for Treatment Plants

Plant operators in the water and wastewater treatment industry are searching for ways to strategically manage energy usage and increase efficiency.
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An aeration basin at a wastewater treatment plant.
Feb 2, 2016

A New Resource for Understanding Thermal Mass Flow Measurement

Thermal mass flow measurement is an essential part of ensuring the safety of flow applications in the process industry.
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Common Thermal Mass Flow Measurement Applications
Dec 15, 2015

Key Questions Answered About Industrial Level Measurement

Magnetrol® buoyancy product manager Kenny Heidel was recently interviewed by Flow Control Magazine for a story on industrial level measurement technology. 
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boiler feedwater heaters
Jul 7, 2015

A Technical Handbook for Level Instrumentation Application

Utilizing and maintaining level and flow control instrumentation requires knowledge of a wide range of technical information. 
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technical handbook
Jun 23, 2015

Key Questions Answered About Thermal Mass Flow Meter Function

Flow Control’s thermal mass flow measurement technology portal provides important information about flow instrumentation and measurement. 
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