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Level Solutions for Open Atmosphere Sumps

Power generating facilities have large, open atmosphere collection basins known as sumps that are usually found in wastewater treatment areas. Often constructed of concrete, with depths ranging from four to ten feet, sumps function as collection and treatment sites for waste liquids ranging from storm water runoff to excess make-up water.

Sumps can be used for collecting many different types of waste liquid, but no matter the liquid it stores, a sump plays a very important role for a power generation facility. Keeping waste properly contained protects power plants against accidents and damage.

Magnetrol® has produced an applications brochure for the power and utilities industry, detailing measurement challenges and solutions for each step of the power generation process. This blog post is part of an occasional series exploring each application in detail.

Level Measurement Challenges and Considerations

Level controls in these areas must often tolerate corrosive media, harsh chemicals, liquids with high solids content and punishing weather conditions. With many possible uses for sumps, chemical composition and temperatures will vary. Any instrumentation selected to monitor sump level should be chosen with the specific waste liquid in mind for maximum effectiveness. Proper level control will also help ensure the continuous operation of collection and processing basins.

Level Measurement Solutions for Open Atmosphere Sumps

MAGNETROL has produced level measurement solutions for open atmosphere sumps and collection basins:

  • Models A10 or B10 displacer-actuated switches
  • Eclipse® Model 706 guided wave radar transmitter
  • Echotel® Models 300 or 335 non-contact ultrasonic transmitter
  • Model R82 pulse burst radar transmitter

More Information

For more information on level measurement solutions for open atmosphere sumps and other power industry applications, download the power industry brochure.