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Flow Instrumentation Solutions for Tank Blanketing

Tank blanketing, or tank padding, is the process of injecting a gas into the empty space in a storage container. Nitrogen—the most widely used commercial gas—is the ideal tank blanketing gas when injected into the vapor space of a storage tank. It prevents ignition of flammable liquids, inhibits vapor loss, and protects chemicals from oxygen and moisture degradation. Nitrogen is also used as a purging agent and in cryogenic applications. 

Magnetrol® has produced a brochure detailing different level and flow applications in ethylene plants and exploring measurement challenges and solutions for each one. This blog post is part of an occasional series exploring each application in detail.

Tank Blanketing Challenges and Considerations

For proper measurement and control of the gas used for tank blanketing, any flow instrumentation device needs to be sensitive to extreme low flows and pressures. Otherwise, the instrument will not be able to detect minor changes in the amount of gas in the tank. Flow monitoring of feed lines can prevent unsafe conditions that may arise when gas supply is insufficient. High-quality flow measurement can also ensure economical mass flow totalization.

Flow Measurement Solutions

Mass flow measurement is generally a trusted solution to monitor the nitrogen blanketing gas. A mass flow meter can track usage as a cost control measure and determine the particulars of gas usage.

MAGNETROL produces the Thermatel® TA2 thermal mass flow meter for use in these applications.

More Information

For more information about measurement solutions for tank blanketing and other ethylene plant applications, download the ethylene industry brochure. 

Learn more about the Thermatel Model TA2.