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The amazing journey: Team Magnetrol® in ROPARUN 2018

Do you remember what you were doing on Monday, May 21?

There’s an intrepid group of Magnetrol® employees who will never forget that day.

It marked the end of a nonstop 3-day adventure that took them over 530 kilometers (330 miles) and over the challenging roads of Europe.

Their inspiring trek was part of ROPARUN, a relay race from Paris to Rotterdam where teams raise money for people with cancer. Team Magnetrol included runners, cyclists, drivers, navigators, and even physical therapists and catering support. The team was divided into two subteams, so one group could rest while the other was racing.

Just as vital as the team were the generous sponsors who helped to raise money. Together, they supported the critical ROPARUN mission of “Adding life to days, when days often can’t be added to life.”

To understand how unforgettable the journey was, let’s share a few highlights from ROPARUN 2018.

Saturday, May 19: Post time in Paris

5:15 pm marked the official start time for Team Magnetrol. The team was positioned 185 of out of 225 teams in ROPARUN, but they were determined to move up in the standings. Above all, they were going to give it their all for a very good cause.

Sunday, May 20: Pirates in Zele

Zele is the home of MAGNETROL Belgium. It’s also the scene of a big ROPARUN party every year. This year, the theme of the evening was “Pirates in Zele.” On Sunday evening around 11:00 pm, Team Magnetrol passed through town. They were greeted by the hearty cheers of many MAGNETROL colleagues. But this was no time to slow down. There was less than a day left and many kilometers yet to go.

Monday, May 21: The race to Rotterdam

The finish line was finally in sight. Around noon, Team Magnetrol arrived in Rotterdam and completed ROPRUN 2018. How did they fare? Well, the team moved all the way up from 185th position to 9th.

The biggest winners

The top ten finish was a remarkable achievement, but it wasn’t the driving force for Team Magnetrol. We are extremely proud that we will be able to donate €10,000 ($11,635) to help people who suffer from cancer. Thank you to all our sponsors and our team. To see more from Team Magnetrol, you can visit our Facebook page.