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9. Leak & flood detection (draft tube, sumps, pits, etc.)

All fluid leaks in a hydroelectric plant related to the operational equipment are contained in strategically located sumps and pits to be disposed of periodically.  Magnetrol offers a variety of Level switch and transmitter technologies to monitor, detect and actuate measures to manage leakage throughout the facility.


  • The Eclipse 706 GWR or the Pulsar R86 non-contact radar transmitters are used as continuous level tracking devices so that PLC and DCS systems can automatically operate draining pumps to dispose of collected fluids in sumps and pits.
  • Electronic and mechanical switches can also be used for the same purpose.
    Displacer units can control up to 3 pumps or a combination of pumps and alarms while the FLS (flood level switch) unit can be used to detect and alarm the presence of just a few inches of fluids on the ground where there is not supposed to be any.