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5. Oil/water interface detection

When seals fail, there is a possibility of water and oil mixing together either on the water or the oil side.  Both situations are highly undesireable, but water in the oil reervoirs is the worst of them as contaminated oil will not perform its functions and emulsions can form that need to be eliminated and/or controlled.  For this type of situation we need to use a device capable of detecting or tracking oil/water interfaces.


Thermatel TD1/TD2, Eclpse 706, Jupiter JM4, Modulevel

Oil/water interfaces can be detected using the Thermatel TD2 since oil and water as well as emulsion have different thermal coefficients.  Continuous level transmitters like the Eclipse GWR, Jupiter magnetostrictive, or the Modulevel displacer level transmitter can be used to continuously track the oil/water interface so it is kept at the lowest level possible in oil reservoirs or skimmed in the case of water reservoirs.