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Articles on Power

1 Aug, 2017

Managing Condensate Storage & Overflow

When it comes to commercial power generation, cogeneration (combined heat and power) or operating packaged boilers for process steam production, the recovery and storage of condensate plays an important role in overall operational cost and efficiency.
Condensate and make-up water storage tanks
31 Jan, 2017

Driving Down Fuel Costs With Feedwater Heater Level Control

For most power plants, 70 to 80% of their production costs are fuel expenses. Hence, any improvement in fuel efficiency can have a significant impact on a plant’s profitability. 
27 Sep, 2016

Level Solutions for Turbine and Compressor Wash Skids

Industrial gas turbines are used in plants throughout the power industry. While these turbines can be very effective in generating power, fouling on the compressor blades of a gas turbine can diminish performance of the turbine and reduce the power output of the plant.
Turbine & Compressor Wash Skid
28 Jun, 2016

Eliminating Hidden Maintenance Costs With Condensate Recovery Process Level Control

The benefits of any condensate recovery system are well documented in industries relying on steam generation for their processes. Condensate has real value in that every gallon recovered spares the cost of additional makeup water, makeup water treatment and/or wasteful discharge to municipal or other systems
17 May, 2016

Vulnerabilities in Boiler and Steam Drum Level Control Technology

Technologies historically used for boiler and steam drum level control rely on inference or buoyancy to determine the level. This in itself leaves them vulnerable to process dynamics (specific gravity, pressure, temperature, etc.) or limits their ability to precisely manage the level for improved fuel economy.
The hardware and calibration complexity and vulnerability to process conditions introduce additional costs and potential errors in any given level measurement technology.
19 Apr, 2016

Webinar: Optimize Your Steam Generation Cycle and Condensate Recovery Process

In commercial and heavy industries, steam production can represent 10-60% of total energy consumption. U.S. Department of Energy surveys show that minor adjustments in process management can incrementally improve production efficiency. The steam generation cycle and condensate recovery process represent critical areas of opportunity for cost savings and better energy management.