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Articles on Case Studies

30 Apr, 2019

Case Study: Magnetostrictive Technology Helps Refinery Measure Liquid-Liquid Interface

Magnetrol® helped a refinery in Germany find more accurate level measurement for a liquid-liquid interface. Read more about the solution they discovered.
Jupiter JM4
31 Jul, 2018

Case Study: Accurately Measuring Level in a Molten Sulfur Pit

Magnetrol® helped a gas company measure its molten sulfur pit using more reliable instrumentation. Read the case study in this blog post.
sulfur pit
24 Oct, 2017

Case Studies: How Two Petrochemical Plants Improved Level and Flow Measurement

Magnetrol® level and flow solutions increased efficiency and saved money at two petrochemical plants. Read their stories in this blog post.
petrochemical plants
25 Apr, 2017

The Challenges of Equipping Legacy Infrastructure for the IIoT

As household appliances like refrigerators and thermostats become wirelessly connected and controllable anywhere, there is a push to apply this advanced functionality to operational technology in process industries.
hart communication protocol
4 Apr, 2017

Thermal Dispersion Technology Helps Utility Meet Federal Environmental and Health Regulations

Complying with governmental regulations while maintaining a high level of functioning is a challenge for plants throughout the process industries, and particularly in water and wastewater plants.
A Thermatel® TA2 thermal mass flow meter in the field.