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A Magnetrol® Website Redesign Driven by Customer Needs

At Magnetrol®, our customers are the driving force behind everything we do. Our focus is on putting the full force of our expertise and efforts into serving them. As the process industries continue to evolve and progress, we want to ensure we provide exceptional service and always improve on what we’ve done in the past.

Take our website, for example. For many years, it was a reliable, helpful tool for people throughout the process industries to find the level and flow solutions they were looking for. But in the digital age, a new website quickly becomes old and outdated. And with a new brand focus for MAGNETROL, it was time for a website redesign as well.

In keeping with our focus on customers, we decided to take the current website and enhance it for a more seamless user experience. What does this mean for visitors?

  • A more integrated experience. We’ve made it a priority to keep our content smoothly integrated, not siloed in difficult-to-access sections. So if you visit our page on guided wave radar, you won’t just see our instruments—you’ll also learn about industry applications, discover case studies where guided wave radar improved plant performance, and read recent blog posts.  
  • Improved search function. Our new tagging system makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, whether that’s a solution for a specific application, an explanation of how a level measurement technique works, or a new transmitter. We know our customers often come to our website on a mission—and we want to help them complete that mission smoothly and simply.
  • Content available in seven languages. Our customers are international—so our site is, too. The previous website was available in English, French, German and Russian. In addition to these four languages, our new site is now also available in Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • A rep locator function. Need to find your local MAGNETROL representative? We’ve added a search tool to help you locate reps in your area, with contact information so you can reach out to them. You don’t need to know their names—just choose your country, enter your region, and you’ll receive the contact details of your MAGNETROL reps. It’s just one more way to empower our customers.
  • Applications-based solutions. We recognize that most visitors to our website aren’t yet looking for a specific transmitter or knowledgeable about the names of our products. They’re looking for solutions to a problem they’re having with one of their applications. With that in mind, we designed the website to make it easy to discover how MAGNETROL can help solve your toughest measurement challenges. From pages on the various industries we serve to blog posts that go in-depth into specific applications, we demonstrate that our extensive portfolio of instrumentation can tackle these issues.
  • A new section on service and training. This brand-new section of our website explains our global service offer to all customers and what it entails. You’ll find information about field service, training, technical support, and RMA, as well as ways to request more information about all our services. MAGNETROL is more than just high-quality level instruments—we’re also committed to customized, in-house support that will extend the longevity of your products and help you solve complex challenges.

Our website redesign goes beyond new features and designs. It also reflects our expanded understanding of what’s most important to our customers and our business. Namely, that level matters across every industry and in every application. We want to help you discover the many ways that level matters to your business and the solutions we offer to your level measurement challenges.

Sound exciting? Give it a look, explore the many topics, and see what you can find. After all, it was designed with you in mind.