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Magnetrol® Switches Keep Steam Turbine Generators Secure For Over 50 Years

Magnetrol® has been producing high-quality level and flow instrumentation for over 80 years. Many of our products are still providing reliable control even after years of usage in the field. Here’s a story, recently shared with us, of how one of our products has withstood the test of time and half a century of hard work.

Fossil fuel power plants often use steam turbine generators to create electricity. In order to minimize resistance and cool the mechanism, the generator shells are filled with hydrogen gas. Because of the highly combustible nature of hydrogen, it is important to prevent the gas from leaking out into the power plant environment. To prevent leakage, oil lubricated seal rings are used to contain the hydrogen in the generator shell.

MAGNETROL offers a solution for these systems—the T67 switch, which is generally used as a high-low switch on hydrogen seal oil vessels where temperatures are around 200°F and pressures are less than 100 psi. A power plant in the southeastern United States has been using the same T67 switch since 1963—and it’s still going strong, providing important protection for the plant’s steam turbine generators. We hope your MAGNETROL technology continues to serve you well for years to come.